Download my presentation at SILVAFUG San Jose/San Francisco on some of our HTML-related announcements earlier this month at MAX 2011: AFTERMAX HTML Useful Links Learn more about PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build Learn more about TypeKit, the easiest way to use real fonts on your website Download the Adobe Edge Preview, the motion and interaction design […]

Download the slide deck of my presentation at MAX 2011: Mobile apps that WOW! References Using screen orientation APIs for smartphone application development by Daniel Dura. Native Text Input with StageText by Christian Cantrell Installation and deployment options in Adobe AIR 3 by Oliver Goldman Adobe Touch Apps family Native extensions for Adobe AIR: list […]

We have been working on a proposal to enhance CSS by adding a couple of new building blocks to build more sophisticated, magazine-like layouts to the web. We have released a prototype based on WebKit along with some samples which you can go download at In the meantime, here’s a short demo video.

al•ma•nac |ˈɔlməˌnæk| |ˈælməˌnæk| (also, esp. in titles, al•ma•nack) noun 1 an annual calendar containing important dates and astronomical data such as phases of the moon, sunrise and sunset time. ‣ a handbook, typically published annually, containing information of general interest or on a sport or pastime. ORIGIN Old French almanach, from Medieval Latin almanachus, from […]

Each time I need to share a snippets of code in a slide deck, I wish there was an easy way to apply syntax coloring to the code before pasting it in a slide. I couldn’t find quite what I wanted, so I built it. I used Google Code Prettify as the engine and wrapped […]

Here are the slide deck (minus the awesome Keynote animations 🙂 ) and the video of my MAX 2010 talk on Adobe AIR for mobile devices, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. Intro to Adobe AIR for Mobile (7.3 MB)

The video of my talk at Flashcamp SF on April 16th is now available. Learn about AIR 2 and AIR on Android. Source: Adobe TV.

No, not that tablet. The year was 1992. I was still at school doing some research on user interfaces based on speech and gestures. But I had this problem: I had all these cool ideas but no hardware to try them on. I was young, naive, and an Apple fanboy before the term was even […]

My team has been working on a couple of cool products that we’re unveiling at the MAX 2009 conference today. We have some related sessions I’m detailing below. AIR 2.0 At MAX this week we’re showing a preview of AIR 2.0, codenamed Athena. We’ve added tons of cool new features, but first, we’ve worked on […]