Most popular pic

My most popular pic on Flickr right now, almost 9,000 views: The largest living fish species, the whale shark is a filter feeding shark, feeding on plankton, algae and krill. I was therefore in very little danger when I took this shot, although they can grow quite large (this specimen was about 12-14 m (36-40 […] More →

This year I participated to the Kona Classic, a yearly underwater photography contest and art festival in Kona, Hawaii. Scheduling this trip proved to be a bit of a challenge as I was on a business trip in Hamburg the week before the event took place. I traveled from San Francisco to London, spent the […] More →


Rob, a friend from work, had been recommending me to dive in the Yucatan area for a while, and in particular to dive a cenote. I finally got to follow his advice and dive my first cenote today, and what an experience it was. A cenote, or d’zenot (sacred well) in Maya, is a collapsed […] More →

Underwater Photography

Today I rented a digital underwater camera, an Olympus Camedia 3000 with an external strobe.   I had used disposable underwater cameras before but this was my first try with a “real” camera. The big difference is the strobe. Because sea water filters out reds, pictures taken without flash come out with a bluish tint. This time, […] More →

Some People Should Not Dive

Some people really should not dive. After your initial dive training, you get a certification card, or C-card. Mind you, unlike a driver license, once you have a C-card it never expires and cannot be revoked. Unfortunately, maybe. This makes some sense, though: at the wheel of a car you could hurt many more people […] More →