My most popular pic on Flickr right now, almost 9,000 views: The largest living fish species, the whale shark is a filter feeding shark, feeding on plankton, algae and krill. I was therefore in very little danger when I took this shot, although they can grow quite large (this specimen was about 12-14 m (36-40 […]

Rob, a friend from work, had been recommending me to dive in the Yucatan area for a while, and in particular to dive a cenote. I finally got to follow his advice and dive my first cenote today, and what an experience it was. A cenote, or d’zenot (sacred well) in Maya, is a collapsed […]

Today I rented a digital underwater camera, an Olympus Camedia 3000 with an external strobe.   I had used disposable underwater cameras before but this was my first try with a “real” camera. The big difference is the strobe. Because sea water filters out reds, pictures taken without flash come out with a bluish tint. This time, […]

Some people really should not dive. After your initial dive training, you get a certification card, or C-card. Mind you, unlike a driver license, once you have a C-card it never expires and cannot be revoked. Unfortunately, maybe. This makes some sense, though: at the wheel of a car you could hurt many more people […]

I have completed my training as a Divemaster. I have passed all the theory exams, the swim tests and the practical application part of the training. I’ll need to mail in some paperwork, pay my annual dues and liability insurance and I’ll receive my authentic Divemaster card! This was different than the Rescue Diver training […]

Today I went on the so-called “fast-boat”. It’s not really that much faster as we leave at 8am, half-an-hour before the regular boat, and return only an hour earlier. It is however taking a maximum of eight divers and a single divemaster, and therefore less crowded. We went to Santa Rosa Wall, then Tormentos Reef. […]

Yesterday I completed all my written exams: Physics, Physiology and First Aid, Equipment, Decompression Theory and the RDP, Dive Skills and the Environment, Supervising Activities for Certified Divers, Supervising Student Divers in Training and PADI Divemaster Conducted Programs. I passed on all of them with 80% or more. One of my answer on navigation was […]

My Divemaster training is progressing. I took some of the theory exams (physiology, conducting Divemaster programs, handling students) and I think I did OK on them. I’ll take the remaining ones tomorrow. I’m also beeing graded by Gabriel on the practical portion of the course. I don’t know the results yet, but Gabriel seems happy […]

I’m getting used to the climate. In fact, it doesn’t bother me at all anymore. I’ve decided that air conditionners are works of the Devil. In a hot weather like in Cozumel, using air conditionners is asking for a cold, with the large temperature gradient between air conditionned rooms and the outside. I’ve unplugged the […]

Today, I assisted on the Open Water dives 3 and 4 for Larry and Brian. While supervising them on the ocean’s bottom I must have kneeled on a hydroid. At first, I though I had cut my knee on a sharp piece of dead coral and I even let out a cry under water. When […]