Next week is Spring Break and this time around rather than boarding a random airplane in search of adventure I have a meticulously planned itinerary for a week in Death Valley.

Amsterdam I’m in Amsterdam for a few days to get acclimated to my new time zone before catching the direct flight from Schipol to Kilimanjaro airport. At this point my body is thoroughly confused as to which time zone it’s supposed to be in. Eartlier this month I was in Asia, last week in Finland […]

I’ll carry you to the end of the world Early this morning, as I was making my way to the airport I ran into a neighbor while waiting for the elevator. After exchanging a friendly greetings she observed: “You look like you’re about to climb a mountain”. Grinning, I replied: “As a matter of fact…”. […]

The time to depart is nearing. I suddenly came to this realization last Sunday when I calculated that I had to start my Lariam now. I had to carefully calculate which day of the week I should pick for my weekly dose to avoid possible interference with side effects of AMS while climbing Kili. Lariam […]

When traveling abroad you’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate immunizations based on your destination, the activities you plan to participate in and your health history. If you plan to hike Kilimanjaro, where the closest hospital is in Nairobi, a country away, you will need to make different preparations than if you only […]

I've booked (most of) my plane tickets for my upcoming trip to East Africa. Still have to figure out how to get to Zanzibar. I'm debating between a Kilimanjaro-Zanzibar flight, or traveling overland to Dar es Salaam followed by a ferry ride. In the meantime, a few tips for cheap international air travel.