Arno Gourdol

My team of 250 talented and passionate engineers and product managers across the world build Adobe’s web products. We are making the web better by participating in web standards organizations and contributing to open source projects, and we are building the best tools and services in the world for web designers and developers.

Before joining Adobe, I had the privilege of working on the user interface of the best desktop operating system in the world, Mac OS X.

I believe that technology that puts people first can change lives. I’m particularly interested in the potential of web technologies to let designers build awesome interactive experiences. I’m also fascinated by the prospect of wearable computers and gesture and motion sensors to bring a new category of interactions to life.

I enjoy exchanging ideas with entrepreneurs and passionate technologists. If you’re interested in a chat to dream about what the future might look like, get in touch: @arnog.


Web Platform & Authoring Adobe, 2011—today
Responsible for engineering and product management for Adobe’s web products. Product portfolio includes the Edge Tools and Services: Edge Reflow, Edge Code, Edge Animate, Edge Inspect, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, PhoneGap and the PhoneGap Build service. We also contribute to open source projects including the Brackets code editor, the Cordova mobile app runtime, the Topcoat UI framework, the snap.svg library and the WebKit, Blink and Gecko web engines. We also participate in web standards group, where we have contributed CSS Regions, CSS Filters, blend modes and more. Find out more at
Adobe AIR Adobe, 2007—2011
Director of Engineering for Adobe AIR, the multiscreen runtime that brought the ease of development and the power of web technologies to developers of packaged apps on iOS, Android and the desktop.
Adobe Bridge CS2 and CS3 Adobe, 2004—2007
  • Responsible for the product development of Adobe Bridge CS2 and CS3. Managed software engineering and quality engineering teams. Worked with product management and other cross-functional teams around the world.
  • Creative Suites integration engineering manager.
  • Engineering Manager for Adobe Extensions Manager.
Adobe Creative Suite Adobe, 2001—2003
  • Responsible for the development of XMP, Adobe’s XML-based metadata platform. Advocated its internal adoption, its release as an Open Source project and worked with partners, including Microsoft, and standard bodies (W3C, IPTC) to promote its adoption.
  • Engineering manager responsible for the development of the Version Cue asset management client. Established a new model for the integration of shared technology components across the many product teams contributing to Adobe’s Creative Suite.
Mac OS Finder Apple, 1998—2001
  • Architect and lead engineer of a complete rewrite of the Finder for Mac OS X. (2 patents)
  • Introduced an iterative software development process. Participated in weekly design meetings with Steve Jobs (and had a good time doing it).
Mac OS User Interface Team Apple, 1992—1997
  • As an intern, developed gesture recognition algorithms for a pen-based platform (3 patents)
  • Designed and built Navigation Services, the standard Mac OS Open/Save dialogs
  • Lead Engineer for Apple’s Human Interface team (70 engineers). Set the technical direction for the team, improved software engineering processes, assigned tasks and participated in the product definition and design of the projects. (1 patent)
  • Worked with product and project management to define the schedule, processes and features of Mac OS 7.6, Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 8.5.
  • Speaker at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from 1992 to 2001
WinMath Self-employed, 1986—1988
  • Designed, developed and published an educational math software for the Mac


15 patents granted

« Method and apparatus for displaying multiple page files », U.S. Patent 8,051,377

«Methods and apparatus for efficient layout of digital content», U.S. Patent 7,707,508

«Collaborative asset management», U.S. Patent 7,603,357

«Graphical user interface having contextual menus», U.S. Patent 7,600,197

«User interface for a display screen», U.S. Patent D591,764

«Graphical user interface for computers having variable size icons», U.S. Patent 7,216,304

«Method and apparatus for icon compression and decompression», U.S. Patent 6,721,455

«Graphical user interface having contextual menus», U.S. Patent 6,493,006

«Multiple theme engine graphical user interface architecture», U.S. Patent 6,188,399

«Icon override apparatus and method», U.S. Patent 6,100,888

«Method and apparatus for generating composite icons and composite masks», U.S. Patent 6,031,532

«Multi-representational data structure for recognition in computer systems», U.S. Patent 5,749,070

«Method and apparatus for recognizing gestures on a computer system», U.S. Patents 5,594,810; 5,590,219 and 5,583,946


MS CS, Ph.D. CS dropout, UJF Grenoble, France, 1993
  • Post-graduate degree in software engineering and computer human interface from the Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France. Topic: «Architecture of multimodal user interfaces» and «Sketching and scribbling for pen-based computers»
  • Teaching assistant in a CS 200-level course.

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